Backroad - Corey Smith

[edit lirik]

I’ve been down this road before.

It’s like the back side of my hand.

And there ain’t nothing up ahead

The cow pasture and timberland.

So don’t you worry baby I’m gonna take it nice and slow.

I’ll keep a tight grip on the steering wheel and my eyes on the road.

Just this one time,

I promise I won’t ask again.

It’ll be our little secret,

Honey I won’t tell a soul

And if I see somebody coming I’ll be sure to let you know.

Everybody does it, don’t you be ashamed.

We’ll still make the movie, we’ll just be a little late.

Let me love you on a backroad.

Let’s make a wreckless memory.

There ain’t a house within ten miles of here, no.

So nobody’s gonna see.

Take your seatbelt off and climb on over here girl,

Leave the driving up to me.

If we get too hot and heavy there’s a place where we could go.

Down this worn out huntin’ trail a half mile off the road.

And we might not make it back there in this little two wheel drive.